I pulled the trigger on some Red Wing 877 I found on ebay. I didnt need another pair of Red Wing boots (this will be my 4th pair. 2 pecos 1187 and 1 pair of Red Wing 875), but I couldnt resist the deal. They were easily $75-$100 cheaper than store bought 877s, they were never worn, they were in my size, and there was free shipping. Yes, please I am digging how heritageheirloom products are popular right now. The idea of buying a pair of boots that will last for the rest of your life is a foreign topic to many people. But, since I have a hard time throwing anything away. even when I should, buying quality, American goods that last forever is right up my alley. P.S. I have seen a few pictures of girls in Red Wing boots (engineer and 875s) and its an amazing thing.