If you are looking for a comfortable recliner that impresses in all respects visually, the himolla CUMULY chair with its wooden swivel ring is the right choice for you. The television and reclining chair is distinguished by its innovative design. It is a design that fits seamlessly into all furnishing styles and yet acts as a fabulous eye-catcher. As with all upholstered furniture from himolla, the CUMULY chair with a wooden swivel ring impresses with its excellent functionality. The chair comes with manual seat adjustment: the backrest is adjusted to your requirements using a loop and with the help of a gas spring mechanism, and you can adjust the position of the leg rest by simply moving your body. The tilt angle adjustment of the headrest is also simple. This CUMULY model comes with a wooden swivel ring, which makes it possible to swivel the chair by 360 degrees. You can also opt for an additional ring to increase the seat height by a further inch. The CUMULY model with a wooden sw ivel ring is available in different upholstery fabrics or leather. You can also choose between different wood colors. The visible wooden parts are in beech. The visible wooden parts are in beech . MOSEL will transform your living room into an oasis of calm a place in which you can escape everyday life and let you mind wander.