The most famous Autocar military truck was standardized semi-bonneted tractor U7144T issued in 1941-45 in the amount of 11. 104 units. It came with a Hercules RXC engine (8. 7 l, 112 hp), 10-speed transmission, Timken axles and used to tow trailers of general purpose and fuel tanks with a capacity of 7.6 thousand liters. White company produced it under the name 444T, and Federal also produced similar truck under the name 94x43. In 1942-44, Autocar released also a 6-ton chassis U8144 for military vans and tractors U8144T for corps of engineers with a box behind the cab, which contains a winch, traction devices, cables, and entrenching tools. U8244 chassis for recovery vehicles had a Gar Wood crane.