The universal sprocket locking device twin cam is universally adjustable for toothed pulleys spaced between approximately 5 mm to 85 mm apart.For engines with twin camshafts (Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Renault, Rover, Saab, Subaru, Toyota, Volvo) and for diesel engines to lock the camshaft and injection pump (VW, Audi, Ford, Seat, Skoda).By inserting the locking tool in the drive pulleys during repair work or changing the timing belt.

Bruel Kjaer 4809 Vibration ExciterShaker

This unit ships fully tested and is guaranteed to work. This unit has a modification which I believe is just the mounting arms on the sides.

The Units Serial Number Tag Reads:

Serial Number: 1434836

The Modification Tag Reads:

Modification: WH 2327


Calibration of accelerometers

Vibration testing of small objects

Educational demonstrations

Mechanical impedance and mobility measurements


Force rating 45 N (10 lbf) sine peak, 60 N with air cooling

Frequency Range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz

First axial resonance 20 kHz

Maximum bare table acceleration is 736 ms2 (75 g), 981 ms2 with air cooling

Low cross motion and low distortion


Vibration Exciter Type 4809 is a small versatile instrument with an impressive performance. High quality materials ensure long term constructional reliability, and strict quality control results in consistent high performance. Type 4809 can be driven by any small power amplifier, with an inp ut current up to a maximum 5 A and a sufficient voltage rating, without assisted cooling. The BrelKjr Power Amplifier Type 2718, rated at 75 VA, has been designed specifically to drive Type 4809.

A threaded insert is set into the table surface for attachment purposes. The insert is replaceable and acts as a mechanical fuse, protecting the moving element against damage. For most types of abusive treatment the inner threads fail before the moving element is damaged. A continuous 8mm (0.315 in) peak-to-peak displacement is possible. If the exciter should be over-driven, over-travel stops will prevent excessive displacements.

Rated Force: 44.5 N (10 lbf) sine peak, 60 N (13.5 lbf) with forced air cooling

Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz bare table

Axial Resonance Frequency: 20 kHz bare table

Maximum Bare Table Acceleration: 836 ms2 (75 g), 1000 ms2 (100 g) with air cooling

Maximum Displacement: 8 mm (0.315 in) peak-to-peak

Maximum Velocity: 1.65 ms (65 ins) peak

Dynamic W eight of Moving Element: 60 g (0.132 lb)

Dynamic Flexure Stiffness: 12 Nmm (69 lb.in)

Maximum Input Current: 5 A RMS, 7 A RMS with forced air cooling

Current-to-Force Ratio: 0.16 AN (peak-peak), 6.4 NA (peak-peak)

Coil Impedance: 2 approx. at 500 Hz (bare table0

Stray Magnetic Field: 20 x 10-3 T at table face, 8 x 10-3 T at 12.7 mm (0.5 in) above table face

Table Size: 29 mm (1.14 in) diameter

Fastening Thread: 5 x 516 - 18 UNC for M5 and 10-32 UNF inserts

Total Weight: 8.3 kg (18.3 lb)

Dimensions: 149 mm Dia x 143 mm H (5.87 in x 5.