Darts and waistband pleats play an important role both for the fit and for the overall visual appearance of trousers, skirts and blouses. The main demand on the manufacturer is to guarantee consistent quality and economic processing on a machine that is easy to operate. The PFAFF 3586 short seam automatic sewing machine meets this requirement. The PFAFF 3586 for darts and waistband pleats is the most versatile and efficient short seam automatic sewing machine on the market. Efficiency, flexibility, performance and price are the deciding advantages of the PFAFF 3586. Within 8 hours you can sew for example 650 pairs of trousers with 4 waistband pleats and 4 darts (without basted seam). Two new versions are available with the 3586-2501 3586-2502. The new machines realize double-pointed darts up to 490 mm inside of the fabric (not on the edge), e.g. darts on the front of a shirt or darts on the back of a blouse. All features of the standard machineUnique quality and process stability when processing long darts, e.g. on slimline shirtsLarge feeding table (823 x 340 mm)Clean-cut at end of the seam (LED pointer for positioning of the materialRoll tension for pucker-free seamsUpper thread monitor thread clamp The P1 are user friendly control panels with many service functions and different user levelsThe desired measurements may be directly entered via the P1 operator panel of the touch screen (see examples on the next pages). Predefined standard seams are quickly edited modified with ease.Sewing of up to 8 different seam types in any desired sequence, so e.g. different darts and waistband pleats can be set and produced mirror-imagedProgram data may be saved to a SD-card, USB-stick or multi-card reader and recorded to other machines. The software may also be updated via the SD-cardCustomized seam configurations may be individually created in the teach-in mode Special stackerFeeding table with vacuumDevice for a neat seam start suction device for thread rests Single-pointed dartsDouble-pointed dartsShaped darts for skirts with integrated waistbandSkirt pleats with and without angular seam (illustration: without)Waist pleats with basted seam to better iron out the pleatsShort seam to run stitch the seam that is to be worked into the waistband (thus no loss of time when sewing the waistband with a consistently exact pleat depth)Waistband pleatsShaped darts for ladies’ trousersDouble-pointed darts with a straight Max. dart depth: 20 mm Max. waistband pleat depth: 20 mm Dart- pleat length: 9.0 - 490mm Stitch type: 301 Max. sewing speed: 4. 500 s.p.m. Max. stitch length: 1.0 - 3.0 mm Needle system: 134 KK Needle Size in 1100 mm: 80 - 100 Stitch length basting seam: 6.0 - 9.0 mm Working height: 760 - 1. 140 mm Motorspeed: 200 - 4. 500 r.p.m. Power requirement: ca. 1. 200 VA Connection voltage: E 230 V, 5060 Hz Working air pressure: min.