Group: Southern Pacific 1529-1538 Railroad class: FS412-2 Builder number: FM 12L762 Builder date: May, 1953 Order number: LD-154 Phase:  III Horsepower:  1200 Prime mover:  Non-turbocharged 6-cylinder FM opposed piston 38D8 18 Main generator:  Westinghouse 481B Traction motors:  Westinghouse 362B Production:  338 units between May, 1950, and March, 1961 Southern Pacific ownership: 94 units Southern Pacific 1531 Southern Pacific 2358 Built as Southern Pacific 1531  in May, 1953, part of the railroad’s second order, for ten units. It was renumbered Southern Pacific 2358  in the 1965 general renumbering, and retired in January, 1975. It was sold for scrap to Metal Processing, Inc El Paso, Texas, in May, 1975.This group was equipped with large ash-can signal lights and m.u the only Southern Pacific H12-44’s equipped with either.