upped the performance of its 8-cylinder Lycoming engines for 1928 with the top model delivering 115 horsepower. It marked the pinnacle of Auburns success, an upstart guided by E.L. Cord and designed by Al Leamy that challenged Americas leading marques with value, performance and rakish style. Auburn capitalized on American consumers desire for more features, comfort and style to carve out a solid niche in the months before the Crash of 1929. Their quality and value has been recognized by the Classic Car Club of American which has deemed all 8- and 12-cylinder Auburns Full Classics eligible for all the CCCAs shows and events. This 1928 8-115 Convertible Sedan is the epitome of what CCCA means by a Classic Auburn, a gorgeous restored car in Cigarette Cream with Orange accent, Orange wire wheels and Brown fenders, Tan leather interior upholstery and Tan cloth top. Equipped with chrome wheel trim rings, dual side-mount spares with rear view mirrors, wide whitewall tires, accessory mud scr apers on the running boards, Monogram headlights, tube bumpers, a rear-mounted trunk and a lap robe rack in the rear compartment, its appearance and equipment will stop passers-by in their tracks. Its restoration is thorough, complete and done to high standards. It will cruise with todays traffic and never fail to attract appreciative looks, waves and smiles.