I bought this Rotel receiver back in 2008 for $4. 200. It is an excellent receiver for high quality sound capabilities. I am upgrading to a new Rotel receiver with upgraded components so Im selling this one. You should look at this receiver if youre simply looking for a killer audio setup. While this model does have HDMI inputs and outputs, the HDMI signal does not carry sound (this wasnt available in 2008 apparently) so I would not recommend this if youre looking for a complete AV hookup. But if you want to run your CDs, turntable, and other music inputs through this, it is a perfect solution. It can definitely hook up DVDBlu-RayComcast (Ive been using it as my main AV receiver for years) but you just have to run separate RCA or optical audio lines. Bottom line, this receiver is still in excellent condition, its a beautiful piece of equipment, and it will churn our killer music www.rotel.